Wednesday, 9 January 2013

choosing a topic......


for choosing a topic, my group would be izani, pika and me.we has decided to find a topic for each. so, pika's topic is 1 malaysia discount card, izani's topic is domestic violence and my topic would be early marriage. as previous class, others group has been present about their topic for the term paper but it has been rejected by Miss Zu. So, my group has decided to choose a topic that is early marriage, when we asked Miss Zu is it ok if we choose this topic for our term paper? she said it's ok but early marriage among whom? and she also asked us to find the journal about our topic. we also asked her opinion about izani's and pika's topic but she said that the topic too common and she can accept it and she asked us to find the material from databases, magazines, newspapers, books and the online article. So, i and izani's find the journal in databases and we've found 1 about our topic and we have to find the point that based on our topic. and we have decided to choose our type of essay is the causes and the effects. Tomorrow is our turn to present about our topic, hopefully it's been approved by Miss Zu...

So, this our topic for the term paper :

Broad topic
Early marriage
Narrowed topic
Early marriage among under age teenagers
Focus topic
Early marriage among under age teenagers: 
The Causes and effects

and this is a table of material for our term paper :

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