Wednesday, 9 January 2013

choosing a topic......


for choosing a topic, my group would be izani, pika and me.we has decided to find a topic for each. so, pika's topic is 1 malaysia discount card, izani's topic is domestic violence and my topic would be early marriage. as previous class, others group has been present about their topic for the term paper but it has been rejected by Miss Zu. So, my group has decided to choose a topic that is early marriage, when we asked Miss Zu is it ok if we choose this topic for our term paper? she said it's ok but early marriage among whom? and she also asked us to find the journal about our topic. we also asked her opinion about izani's and pika's topic but she said that the topic too common and she can accept it and she asked us to find the material from databases, magazines, newspapers, books and the online article. So, i and izani's find the journal in databases and we've found 1 about our topic and we have to find the point that based on our topic. and we have decided to choose our type of essay is the causes and the effects. Tomorrow is our turn to present about our topic, hopefully it's been approved by Miss Zu...

So, this our topic for the term paper :

Broad topic
Early marriage
Narrowed topic
Early marriage among under age teenagers
Focus topic
Early marriage among under age teenagers: 
The Causes and effects

and this is a table of material for our term paper :

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

2nd January 2013, Wednesday (4.00 until 6.00)


              For today Miss Zu asked the class to open the student portal and go to i-Learn do the online quiz. After that she called sarah’s and zubaidah’s group to present about their topic for term paper and unfortunately Miss Zu still not satisfied with their topic. After they present about their topic. Miss Zu will teach us about finding the main idea and she has explained how to find the main idea. The main idea divided into two which mean the main idea is stated and the other one is unstated. Stated means it has transition signal and for the unstated the main idea is there but it is implied.
Miss Zu give to us some example and we did exercise through the example. After that Miss Zu has divided us to 4 group, each group has 6 people. We did an activity that is Miss Zu showed a few video clips and each group must find the main idea for the video and write it on paper. Each group must present their main idea. Unfortunately, my group has deducted 1.5 marks because we are cheating. Huhuhu T_T

there are links that you can refer for the main idea:

1st January 2013, Tuesday (4.00 until 6.00)


Today we have learnt about summarizing. Summarizing means the process of synthesizing, condensing, and restating the important ideas of a text. Miss Zu introduced to us about M.I.D.A.S touch.
M.I.D.A.S touch is stand for :
M     main idea : identify main idea from topic sentence

I       Identify supporting detail

D     Disregard unimportant information

A     Analyze redundant information

S     Simplify, categorize and highlight important information

There are some links for summarizing:

31st December 2012, Monday (2.10 until 4.00)


               For today Miss Zu explained to us about paraphrasing. Paraphrasing mean is a simply restatement of a source's words or ideas into your own words. It's really that simple! Miss Zu gave a lot of example for paraphrasing to us that we can did together. Before we dismissed our class Miss Zu give us some exercise in the textbook and discuss it together.

There are some link that you can refer for the paraphrase:


19th December 2012, Wednesday (4.00 until 6.00)


 For today class, my group will present about our topic for term paper. But I’m absent today because I’m not feeling very well today. When I asked izani and pika, they said that our topic has been accepted by Miss Zu. I don’t know  what to say for this day because I’m not come to the class. That’s all for today.

Sunday, 6 January 2013


18th December 2012, Tuesday (4.00 until 6.00)


                As usual my class at U214. And today we will present about our topic for the term paper. A few groups would be present but unfortunately their topic will be rejected by Miss Zu. So she finally found another way that can help us to find the topic. First she asked the class what is the 5 types of essay that we learn before. Then she asked the class to choose among the 5 types of essay. My group decided to choose the cause and effect essay. After we choose types of essay, so she give us time to find a topic for our term paper. The rest will present about their topic tomorrow. Hopefully Miss Zu will accept my group topic.